Governing Council

The Council consists of all the Heads of the Departments, the Controller of Examinations, the Physical Directress and the Librarian. The College Council has the privilege of decision making and voicing important ideas in the developmental growth and the maintenance of the college. Name of the Council Member Designation & Department
1 Dr. S. KAVERIAMMAL M.Sc., M.Phil.,Ph.D., Principal
2 2. Dr. P.VASUKI Head, Dept. of English
3 Dr. V.K.SIVAKUMAR Head, Dept. of Zoology
4 Dr. S.KARUNANITHI Head, Dept. of Maths
5 Dr. K.V.Sivakumar Head, Dept. of Zoology
6 Dr. S.Karunanidhi Head, Dept. of Maths
7 Prof. A.Thamarai Head, Dept. of Physics
8 Dr.P.Vasugi Head, Dept. of English
9 Dr. S. CHAKKRAVARTHY Head, Dept. of Chemistry
10 7. Dr. K.ARULANANDAM Head, Dept. of Computer Applications
11 Dr. S.SAGAYARAJ Head, Dept. of Commerce
12 9. Prof. K.VIJAYARANGAM Head, Dept. of History
13 Prof. S. KARPAGAM Head,Dept. of Economics
14 Dr. M.G.LOGANATHAN Head,Dept. of Business Administration
15 Dr. S.KARUNANITHI Head, Dept. of Tamil (I/C)
16 Prof. A. THAMARAI Head, Dept. of Botany (I/C)
17 Dr. K.ARULANANDAM Head, Dept. of Computer Science(I/C)
18 Dr. M.MURALI KRISHNA Physical Director
19 Prof. S. SENTHILKUMAR Librarian (I/C)